Incident Response


What is incident response?


Incident response is the methodology an organization uses to respond to and manage a cyberattack. An attack or data breach can cause business disrupting damage. An incident response aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible. Digital forensics Investigation is also a key component in order to learn from the attack and better prepare for the future. Digital can assist with moving the incident response process along faster. 

Why is a incident response plan needed? 

A incident response plan is a critical part of a successful security program. A successful incident response can help mitigate damage caused by data breaches or malware attacks. According to an article written on the forcepoint website, “As the cyberattacks increase in scale and frequency, incident response plans become more vital to a company’s cyber defenses. Poor incident response can alienate customers and trigger greater government regulation”. 


The NIST Incident Response Process contains four steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Detection and Analysis
  3. Containment, Eradication, and Recovery
  4. Post-Incident Activity