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A information security consulting company that protects your business data from business disrupting cyber threats.

Approximately 60% of small businesses will close permanently within 6 months of a cyber attack. We will protect you from scams and fraud.
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Manage and Secure your data.

Data Security

SMBs must establish a security policy and conduct due diligence in order to protect company data. Backing up critical data will also assist with data security.

Network Monitoring

SMBs that monitor their networks will be in a better position to respond to cyber attacks.

Malware protection

Protecting your network from malware should be the number one security priority for all SMBs. 

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After a year of securing my new small business with a standard network security software, it was brought to my attention that my company could be at risk for various cyber attacks. Mr. Davis assessed my current software as well as the infrastructure that my team was currently using. During the entire process he was very professional while explaining every detail and answered all my questions. He was able to breakdown complex IT solutions catered to our needs and was easy to understand. Through the implementation process, DTS Cyber worked with my entire team to get us connected and on board through hands on training. As well as periodic email updates on threats that could potentially have a negative effect to our systems. Mr. Davis provided several reports that detailed leaks of sensitive data that could have cost the company thousands of dollars. I highly recommend DTS Cyber for all my your IT Security needs. I look forward to working with Mr. Davis as our company grows and our needs change in the future.

Sequita Lindsey, President at Lindsey Regulatory Affairs Consulting, LLC

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DTS Cyber can help you determine if your cybersecurity posture is on target or not. 

Why Patch Management?

Patch management is needed to make sure that systems and network are protected against would be cyber threats. Patches will make sure system are not vulnerable to bugs. 

Why is cyber threat intelligence important?

Per Nist SP 800 – 150, Cyber threat information can help organizations identify, access, monitor, and respond to cyber threats. This information includes but is not limited to indicators of compromise (IOCs), tactics, techniques and procedures.

What is advanced endpoint protection?

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) protects systems from file, fileless, script-based and zero day threats by using machine-learning and behavioral analysis. 

Is Backup and Recovery needed?

Absolutely! If small businesses do not have a backup plan and a way to recover, they are most likely to go out of business. 

Who we are!!

DTS Cyber is a start up information security consulting company focuses on multiple IT security domains. DTS Cyber will make sure you are protected and able to recover from cyber attacks.

DTS Cyber will make sure you will have the security solutions in place to protect your infrastructure.

Patch Mangement

Create patch management policies to prevent cyberattacks and optimize system performance.

Web Protection

Keeps users safe while they use the web. 

Backup and Recovery

Backup full systems and be protected when cyber attacks happen. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring for multiple devices.