Data Loss Prevention

What does data loss mean?

This can occur when your data is either been corrupted or loss. This can happen multiple ways like stolen by means of a malicious actor. Data loss can happen if you suddenly experience hardware failure, software error or as the result of human action.

How do you prevent data loss?

There are several ways you can prevent data loss within your organization. The number one thing you can do to prevent data loss is to make sure you regularly backup your data.

2) Set recovery point objectives – Creating a backup process is setting your RPO, as this establishes the time period in which transactions might be lost from an IT service due to a major incident.

3) Patch and update systems – Patching is something else that should be a crucial part of any business’s data loss prevention policy, regardless of whether you’re a small business with a handful of computers or an enterprise with a sprawling network of different machines. 

4) Know when to upgrade systems – As a business owner, you must understand that nothing last forever and must be upgraded. You’ll need to upgrade systems and software before they get to the point of becoming unstable due to age.

Four simple steps will keep your business from losing data! Please reach out to me for assistance.