Watch out for the common cyber threats below



Common Cyber Threats for businesses



Malicious software that locks yor data and a ransom is demanded in the form of cryptocurrency to unlock the files.

2 Phishing Attack

Malicious emails that contain links and attachments infected with malware, ransomware, or trojans.

3 Data Breach

Cyber crime where business data or information is leaked to the dark web or soldto hackers. Healthcare and medical facilities beware!

4 Denial of Service Attacks

Your network and servers are overloaded by fraudulent network traffic to bring your website or business offline and you’re unable to service client.

5 Insider Threats

Risks faced internally with employees abusing access to the data and information on your company network.

6 DNS Hijacking

Domain name server hijacking redirects your trusted clients to a malicious website or their own server.


Not an all inclusive list of common threats for businesses.